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    The Gold Standard of Decorative Concrete

    Stamped concrete is a great way to save money while investing in your home or commercial property. Through the overlaying process, we’re able to give more budget friendly concrete mixes a classic styling like cobblestone, natural brick, or planks of wood. Our stamped concrete patterns and vibrant colors provide natural looking designs that blend easily with pre-existing tile, stone, or decorative concrete.

    Kalispell Concrete has become a pillar of the local community by maintaining its commitment to excellent customer service and expertly finished concrete. Our stamped concrete contractors use only the best materials to resist fading and ensure quality for years to come. Kalispell Concrete specializes in custom concrete services ranging from driveways, pool decks, patios, and garages.

    With local concrete services extending throughout Whitefish, Lakeside, Batavia, Bigfork, Columbia Falls, Four Corners, and Creston, our team is always nearby and ready to help. Give us a call today for a free quote on any of your stamped concrete needs.

    Long-term Value

    At Kalispell Concrete, we love saving our customers money. Stamped concrete is cost effective and holds up to sunlight, rain, and snow. Saving you money in the short and long-term.

    Quality Design

    We pride ourselves on decorative concrete that stands above the rest. With our vast selection of concrete designs, we can customize the finished look to your exact needs.

    No Hassle Maintenance

    Our stamped concrete designs look great and are easy to manage. With high quality sealants, a simple wash will leave the concrete looking brand new for years to come.

    Why Stamped Concrete?

    Stamped concrete has a ton of advantages when compared to other flooring and concrete options. To fully understand why so many homeowners and real estate moguls invest in stamped concrete, we put together a list of the major patterned concrete benefits.

    Stamped Concrete Benefits

    • Fade Resistant
    • Long-term Durability
    • Unlimited Patterns and Designs
    • Faster Installation
    • Low-Maintenance
    • Increases Resale Value
    • Easy to Accessorize

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